Athletic Field Conditions Procedure

When athletic fields are questionable to be played on or not, Homewood Parks and Recreation will make our first announcement via Facebook around 3:00pm on weekdays (7:00am weekends) which relays which fields are open and/or closed for all sports. If conditions change after above stated times additional notifications will be made.

If you don’t have Facebook, that is not a problem – our Facebook feed automatically shows up on the Park’s Twitter page and also in the top right hand corner of every page on our website .

3 Ways to find field updates

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Note: These updates are for field conditions only; please check with your coaches or league officials for makeup or rescheduling information.

Lightning Procedure

30 minute break after any lightning strike under 8 miles.

As a minimum, lightning safety experts strongly recommend that by the time the weather monitor observes 30 seconds between seeing the lightning flash and hearing its associated thunder or by the time the leading edge of the storm is within six miles of the venue, all individuals should have left the athletics site and be within a safer structure or location. Individuals just entering the outdoor venue should be directed to the safer location.

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