Girl’s Softball

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 2015 Spring Softball Information

Has closed for Spring 2015 season

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Homewood Community Center Business Office
(Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm)
1632 Oxmoor Road
Homewood, Alabama 35209

Costs: $60 Homewood Residents / $80  Non-Homewood Residents

Age Divisions:  6 & Under / 8 & Under / 10 & Under / 12 & Under
* Age is determined by the player’s age as of December 31st 2014 for the 2015 Spring Season *

Contact Alissa Thurmond Brock at:
205-332-6715 (or)


Homewood Girls Softball practices and plays home games at West Homewood Park. For more information about West Homewood Park click the following image:

West HW Park - Upper Fields
121 West Oxmoor Road
Homewood, Alabama 35209

West Homewood Park Rules

• For medical emergencies and criminal activity, call 911 immediately! West Homewood Park is located at 121 West Oxmoor Road, Homewood, Alabama 35209.

• All practices, games, camps, training sessions, and groups of 7 or more individuals must have authorized use by Homewood Parks and Recreation Board (HPRB).

• Athletic fields close at dusk. Public use areas close at 10:00pm. Unless otherwise permitted by HPRB.

• No private instruction or classes are allowed unless approved by HPRB.

• Facility is closed for usage when gates are locked. The fields will be occasionally closed for maintenance and at times as weather dictates.

• Smoking, alcoholic beverages, firearms, golf, archery, profanity, open fires, and fireworks are prohibited.

• Parking and unloading in designated areas only. Motorized vehicles are not allowed in the park.

• Do not swing, climb, or hang from nets or fences.

• Place litter in trash containers.

• No pets allowed inside fenced areas. All pets outside fenced areas must be on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your pets.

• Programs and patrons that reserve/permit pavilions receive priority use. For more information about pavilion rental, contact HPRB at (205) 332-6700 during regular business hours.

• Groups of 7 or more individuals are required to obtain a rental permit for pavilion usage.

• Fires may be built in grills only. Grills brought to rented pavilions must be propane.

• Please keep music and amplified sound at a low level unless otherwise permitted by HPRB.

• Any activity or action deemed inappropriate for a public use family area will not be tolerated!

• Report maintenance concerns to HPRB at (205) 332-6700.


Girls Softball – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the League’s Philosophy?
Our only purposes are to provide each player with the opportunity to learn the game, make new friends, and have fun in an atmosphere of friendly competition.

2. What is the 3 day rule?
Each team will not practice or play game(s) more than 3 days per week unless approved by Homewood Parks. The weeks will run from Monday – Sunday.

Examples: 2 practices and 1 game = 3 days or 1 practice and 2 games = 3 days

3. How often are practices?
Most teams will schedule 1 or 2 practices per week. The number of practices is left up to the coach. Coaches are encouraged to hold practices during the season. Some teams have many practices during the season and others don’t have any once the season starts.

4. Do I have to make every practice?
The coaches ask that the girls attend as many practices as possible. During the season the coaches understand that the girls have a lot going on and would like for them to attend every practice if possible but if they can only make it to one per week it is understandable.

5. What do I wear to practices?
Uniforms are not worn during practice. It is recommended that loose, comfortable, weather appropriate clothing be worn.

6. How often are games?
On average, a team will play approximately 1 or 2 game per week during the regular season. However, there are times when a team will play more than two games per week, especially if there are a lot of weather related rescheduling of games or the team is playing in a Tournament.

7. Can I use my own Equipment?
You may use your own bat as long as it is approved for fastpitch softball and states so on the bat. Girls may use their own batting helmets as long as it has an attached facemask. Catchers may use their own equipment if they so desire. Please have your coach check it for condition. Players are responsible for providing their own glove which should be of proper size and in good condition. Please see your coach if you have any questions about proper glove selection.

8. Do I need to get a uniform?
Girls are supplied with a uniform shirt and socks. Girls are responsible for supplying pants and footwear, (non-metal cleats only or sneakers). Most girls do wear cleats although they are not required. Cleats for other sports (soccer, football) are acceptable. Many girls like to wear a hat or visor due to the position of the sun at the fields we use.

9. Which field is #6 and which one is #5?
Both fields are located at West Homewood Park. Field 6 is at the upper set of fields behind the swimming pool. Field 5 is located at the lower set of fields near the tennis courts.

10. My daughter is going to miss a game/practice. Do I need to tell someone?
Yes. Common courtesy dictates you tell the coach as far in advance as possible if your daughter is going to miss either a game or practice for any reason.

Alissa Brock at 332-6715 (or)