logo faq

1. How do I reserve a pavilion?

Availability can be checked by phone 332-6701 / 332-6702 / 332-6716. You will need to know the date you desire, time and approximate number of persons to attend. However, you must come into the office to fill out the paper work and pay before we can confirm.

Pavilion Rental Rates:
Homewood Residents $75 (preset rental times)
Non-Residents $125 (preset rental times)
*rentals times and rate may vary by facility

2. What forms of payments are accepted?

Cash, check, money order or credit card.

Checks should be made to Homewood Parks

3. What are the main office business hours?

Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:45pm

4. Do you have non-resident memberships?

Yes (See membership section for specifics)

5. Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

No – Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Park Property

6. Do you have an indoor pool?

No – There are only outdoor pools at Homewood Central Park and West Homewood Park

7. Does the membership rate include fitness or recreation classes? (i.e. Zumba, Bench Aerobics, Kindermusik)

No – Payment is made to the instructor for these type classes in most cases.

8. Do you have an after school care program?

No – But we do offer Summer Camp and Christmas Camp Programs.

9. How do I register my child/children for youth sports such as soccer, basketball, etc.?

The process varies – please consult each sports separate page within this site for additional information.

10. Do you have swim lessons for adults?

No – Swim lessons are for children only.

11. Do you have evening swim lessons?

No – Swim lessons are taught in the mornings in June and July for a two-week time periods.

12. What is included with the pavilion rental?

When renting a pavilion, you only have access to the space which has been rented. Other facilities such as the gym, weight room, ball fields and pools are not accessible by renting a pavilion.