Pool Membership

Purchase and Renew Pool Only Memberships
at The Temporary Fitness & Programs Facility Business Office

809 Greensprings Highway, Homewood, AL 35209
(Former Jefferson County Satellite Courthouse)

Homewood Residents: $75 Single     $125 Family

Non-Residents: $150 Single     $250 Family

Membership Notes:

West Homewood Pool will be the only pool open in 2013
All memberships will expire at conclusion of 2013 pool season (Labor Day)
Pool memberships will begin prorating June 15th using the following structure:
2013 Pool Membership Rate Structure

Proof of Homewood residence required to purchase at resident rate

Must present one of the following:
*Lease agreement
*Current utility bill
*Check imprinted with address
*Driver’s License (if renewed in last three months)