February 2018 classes did not have enough sign-ups!!

Please contact Giuliana if you have interests in future classes

Mommy & Me in Spanish
kids learning imageThis is a class for both caregivers and children! We will learn everyday topics to introduce Spanish in everyday life: colors, numbers, body parts, food, animals, and more. Caregivers and baby will get the benefits of foreign language exposure through reading books, playing, and listening to songs.
Mondays 10:30am-11:15am


Let’s speak Español for preschoolers
Kids ages 3-5 learn key phrases in their new language through simple, repeated songs and chants. Meanwhile, they become familiar with more complex aspects of the language by engaging in “adventures,” tactile and movement-based games that require them to solve simple problems in their new language, of course!
Wednesdays 10:30am-11:15am


Let’s speak Español
This class will teach students K-5 how to read, write and speak beginning Spanish through songs, games and role-play. This is a fun and enjoyable class for students to learn greetings, family members, numbers, the alphabet, animals and more in Spanish while also having a good time.
Wednesdays 4:45pm-5:30pm

Why learn a second language?

Exposing a child to a second language allows him or her to optimize their learning potential. Standardized testing has shown that elementary students who studied a foreign language scored higher on tests in reading, math, and language arts. Young children are ideally suited to learn a second language; cognitively, it is as easy as learning a first language. Children who have learned a foreign language show greater cognitive development in mental flexibility, creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving.


For more information contact Giuliana Russo-Skinner
(or) call/text 205-721-0077