Flag Football – FAQ’s

Q: When and where are Evaluations?
To reduce the risk of Covid-19, we have decided that it would be wise to cancel “evaluations” for our flag football league.  We will use the information already on hand from previous seasons to divide the teams as evenly as possible.

Q: Is placement on a team guaranteed?
A: Yes, as long as you register your child before the registration deadline.

Q: Can my child play in a higher age group?
Yes, register for the age group your child will play in. Your child can not play in a lower age group without special permission
*see below for contact information*

Q: What size football does each grade division use?
A: All Grades will use a Pee-Wee Football (Size 5).

Q: When will practices begin and where do they take place?
 Teams will begin practice tentatively the week of August 24th. Teams typically practice once or twice a week on weeknights at the Homewood Athletic Complex. Your child’s coach will contact you with the specific location, date, and time. The younger age groups are encouraged to practice during the earliest available time frame.

Q: When do the league games begin?
A:  Games will begin tentatively the first or second weekend of September. Actual start dates will depend on registrations, field availability and holidays.

Q: When are the games played?
  Most games will be played on Saturdays during the regular season. Depending on field availability games could be played between 8am – 3pm. We may play a few weeknight games this season depending on field availability.
A2: During the end of the season tournament there is a chance that some games could be scheduled during the week.

Q: How long is the season?
A: The season usually begins in mid-August and runs through late October or early November.

Q: What does the registration fee cover?
 Jersey, shorts, referees and awards for teams finishing in 1st and 2nd place.

Q: What type of shoes does my child need?
 We prefer rubber sole cleats or tennis shoes.

Q: Does this league travel to play games?
 Our goal is for enough kids to register so that we can have enough teams in each age group so that teams do not have to travel to play games.

Q: How can we help so that we don’t have to travel to play games?
 Recruit children to play and encourage others to coach.

Q: I would like to be a Head Coach, What do I need to do?
 While registering your child online be sure to check on his/her form that you would like to coach.
A2: Contact: Matt Collins – see below for contact information.

A3: Complete background check and the CoachSafely requirements

Q: I have a question that is not addressed above. What should I do?
A: See contact information below.

For Additional Information

Jakob Stephens – jakob.stephens@homewoodal.org – 205-332-6709
Matt Collins – matt.collins@homewoodal.org – 205-332-6713
Beau Walker – beau.walker@homewoodal.org – 205-332-6715