Wrestling – FAQ’s

Q.          What ages is Homewood Youth Wrestling open to?
A.          All children Kindergarten – 6th grade

Q.          What is the cost to join Wrestling team?
A.          Registration fees: Homewood Resident: $90.00     Non-Resident: $170.00

Q.            How do I register?
A.            You can register online at www.homewoodparks.com (or) at the Business Office located at 1632 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209.

Q.          What equipment will I need to buy?
A.          Wrestling shoes.  Recommended equipment: head gear and mouth piece.

Q.          Will my child have to wrestle bigger kids?|
A.          No, wrestlers are matched by weight, age and experience.

Q.          Are there a lot of injuries in wrestling?
A.          No, wrestling is an intense physically demanding sport, but the high ratio of officials to competitors (1 for every 2) makes serious injuries extremely rare. The most common injuries are nothing more than bumps, bruises, and bloody noses.

Q.          Does wrestling promote aggressive, violent behavior?
A.          Absolutely not. Wrestling promotes sportsmanship, respect, work ethic, achievement and confidence. Most good wrestlers off the mat are quiet, respectful and humble.

Q.          Will my child have to lose weight?
A.          No. Weight loss is not encouraged but don’t be surprised if they lose some weight naturally as wrestling is very physical and works all parts of the body. The decision to lose weight is that of the wrestler and their parents, not the coaches. Weight loss by lean wrestlers is discouraged by the coaching staff.

Q.          What is expected of a Homewood Parks & Recreation wrestler?
A.          Each wrestler is expected to be at every practice and match on time and work hard. Each wrestler is expected to pay attention and not be disruptive during practice or matches. If your child is continually disruptive they will be asked to leave practice or the match. We only have a few hours a week to practice and quality practice time is crucial.

Q.          What are the expectations of parents?
A.          Be supportive and positive. Positive participation is beneficial to everyone. During matches be respectful of all officials, parents, coaches and wrestlers. Do not argue with officials or opposing parents or coaches. Do not speak negatively about team mates or opposing wrestlers. Be classy. Space in the wrestling room is limited so if you choose to watch practice, sit quietly and let your son do his best. If you have other children with you make sure they are quiet and do not disrupt practice.

For wrestling program questions contact:
Wesley Butler – wsbutler@bsc.edu
Eddie Crocker – ecrocker@homewood.k12.al.us
Jakob Stephens – jakob.stephens@homewoodal.org