Girls Softball – FAQ’s

Q: When will evaluations be held?
A: Information will be emailed out at the conclusion of the registration period, if an evaluation is needed to split up the teams evenly.

Q: What is the league’s philosophy?
A: Our only purposes are to provide each player with the opportunity to learn the game, make new friends, and have fun in an atmosphere of friendly recreational competition.

Q: How often are practices?
A: Plans are for teams to practice once or twice per week depending on the Head Coaches preference throughout the season.

Q: Do I have to make every practice?
A: The coaches ask that the girls to attend as many practices as possible in order to learn and develop in the game of softball.

Q: What do I wear to practices?
A: Uniforms are not worn during practices. It is recommended that loose, comfortable, weather appropriate clothing be worn. 8U-12U will be introduced to sliding, so pants are recommended for practice.

Q: How often are games during spring season?
A: Games will be played throughout the week and weekends during the season. We will interlock with Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Oak Mountain, Leeds and Pinson.

Q: Can I use my own equipment?
A: You may use your own bat as long as it is approved for fast-pitch softball and every bat must have the USSSA thumbprint logo. Girls may use their own batting helmets as long as it has an attached facemask. Catchers may use their own equipment if they so desire. Please have your coach check it for condition. Players are responsible for providing their own glove and facemask, if desired.

Q: Do I need to get a uniform?
A: Girls are supplied with a jersey. Girls are responsible for supplying pants, belts (optional), socks, and cleats/tennis shoes (non-metal cleats only). Most girls wear cleats although they are not required. Cleats from other sports (soccer, football) are acceptable.

Q: Where are our fields located?
A: Girls’ softball utilizes Fields at The Homewood Athletic Complex; formerly West Homewood Park.

Q: My daughter is going to miss a game/practice. Do I need to tell someone?
A: Common courtesy dictates you tell your team’s coach as far in advance as possible if your daughter is going to miss either a game or practice for any reason.