Belly Dancing with Aziza


See below for 2021 class schedule

Beginner Class – Monday 6:30 pm

Level 2 Intermediate & Advanced Class – Tuesday 7:00 pm

Level 1 Intermediate Class – Wednesday at 6:30 pm

 All classes at Homewood Community Center in Fitness Studio 2

For more information or to register contact Aziza…


Class Information:

Classes are for women age 13 and up.  Each session consists of 5 – 1 hour classes with a 1-week break between each session.  The second week is the last night you can join a session.

Middle Eastern Belly Dance is very popular all over the world with classes appealing to women of all ages, shapes, sizes and requires no previous dance training.  Most take class to have a different experience of exercise with beautiful exotic music and for fun.  Some want to learn to dance for their personal enjoyment, some enjoy dancing in class for the studio shows that are offered in the Spring and Fall, while others wish to perform at various festivals or private events; I am happy to have you in class no matter your ambition.  The belly dance style that I teach is Middle Eastern or Egyptian classic.

Sorry, but the Homewood Community Center does not provide child care.

AttireLeotard, yoga pants, T-shirts, workout clothes of any kind, knits with elastic waist.

Footwear:  Ballet slippers, soft-sole shoes or barefoot, but no lace-up athletic or walking shoes, please. If you prefer to wear socks, please make sure they have the grips on the bottom to prevent sliding.   The dance studios have wooden floors and mirrors.

Contact: for the class fee and a registration form.

2021 Class Sessions

Session 1 & 2
Session 1 & 2 have been cancelled due to the upswing in Covid cases

Session 3
Beginner class: Mondays; April 26th – May 24th
Intermediate 2 & Advanced class: Tuesdays; April 27th – May 25th
Intermediate 1 class: Wednesdays; April 28th – May 26th

Session 4
Beginner class: Mondays; June 7th – July 5th
Intermediate 2 & Advanced class: Tuesdays; June 8th – July 6th
Intermediate 1 class: Wednesdays; June 9th – July 7th

Session 5
Beginner class: Monday, July 19th – August 16th
Intermediate 2 & Advanced class: Tuesday, July 20th – August 17th
Intermediate 1 class: Wednesday, July 21st – August 18th

Session 6
Beginner class: Mondays; August 30th – September 6th – September 27th
Intermediate 2 & Advanced class: Tuesdays; August 31st – September 7th – September 28th
Intermediate 1 class: Wednesdays; September 1st – September 29th

Session 7
Beginner class: Mondays; October 18th – November 15th
Intermediate 2 & Advanced class: Tuesdays; October 19th – November 16th
Intermediate 1 class: Wednesdays; October 20th – November 17th