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HomeFit Personal Training now available at Homewood Community Center



About HomeFit

HomeFit is one of the area’s fastest growing fitness companies, specializing in training people who are chronically busy, with sessions coordinated around your schedule.

Experience their elite mobile personal training team, with the personal attention of an insured, nationally certified Fitness Consultant.

Single client sessions start at $60 per 45-minute session.

Semi-private and small group options available at discounted pricing.

Initial consultation and separate initial personal training session offered at no cost! 


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“After a series of failed attempts to make traditional gym memberships work…I finally found HomeFit.”

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Donna Carol Miller
Sheraton Hotels, Sales Manager


“I have an extremely busy life with family and owning several businesses. So making time for my health was a low priority, until I found HomeFit. Their certified trainers are flexible on scheduling, which allowed me the opportunity to find a healthy balance in life.”

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Robert L. Mason
SPOC Automation, President


Frequently Asked Questions

 How do you pick my trainer?

Your trainer is carefully picked based on your fitness goals shared with us during your complimentary consultation. We also take into consideration your ideal training times that work best for your schedule.

How long am I required to sign up?

We have no long-term contracts and provide training as a monthly subscription based on the preferred number of training sessions per week.

How long does it take to see results?

When exercising on a consistent basis, clients normally see changes in performance (i.e., increased strength, endurance, functionality, etc.) within 3-4 weeks, and aesthetic changes between 4-6 weeks.

Best results are typically found when both diet and exercise are addressed.

What exercise program will I follow?

Your exercise program is tailored specific to your needs. Your trainer will design each workout based on your goals and physical abilities.

Have a prior injury or chronic illness (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)? Your trainer will be able to make necessary adjustments to your program to assure safe and efficient workouts.


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