Memberships: COVID-19 Updates

Updated: 9-03-2020

Senior Center & Lee Center Only Memberships

* All memberships active on March 1, 2020 have been placed on hold and will have the expiration date extended appropriately once these facilities reopen.

Total Access and Senior Total Access Memberships

* All memberships active on March 1, 2020; will have account expiration date extended by 90 days.
* Members will have the chance to place their membership on hold any time before July 1, 2020 if they are concerned about coming to facilities under present conditions.
* The hold can be completed by contacting the business office ( A membership placed on hold will place all members that are on that account on hold.

Total Access Reoccurring (Charged Monthly)

* All memberships active March 2020; will be extended thru June 2020.
* Monthly payments will resume for July 2020 facility access.
* To terminate a reoccurring membership prior to the July fee being processed; one must notify Homewood Parks business office prior to Tuesday, June 23, 2020.
* Once July transactions are processed contractual obligations will have to be met before cancellation is allowed.

I need to renew or purchase a new membership…

To setup an appointment Call 205-332-6701 (or) 205-332-6716
Business Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:15am-5:30pm