Children’s Ballet with Claire Goodhew

Children’s Ballet with Claire Goodhew

Your child can be a fairy, a princess or a butterfly while keeping ballet traditions alive and having fun with classical music. The beginning ballet moves taught are the important foundation for many types of dance.

The French names for steps will be introduced. Students will work on coordination, balance, rhythm and flexibility while developing listening skills and strengthening muscles. The environment provided is a happy and age appropriate one.

Claire has been teaching ballet since starting as a teenager in Montgomery. Then, after moving to Birmingham, she started teaching with Birmingham Ballet. She has taught preschoolers in Mother’s Day Out and Day Care as well.

The program runs thru the school year. Girls may wear any color leotard and tights for class, with pink ballet shoes.

Fall 2020 classes cancelled 

Times & Location:
Intermediates / Monday 3:15pm-4:00pm
Beginners / Monday 4:00pm-4:45pm

Homewood Community Center
Fitness Studio 1

Please contact Claire to enroll or for additional Information: (205) 879-8780